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North America Employee Testimonials

“I am the site leader at our Distribution Center in Suwanee, Georgia. I oversee a group of 60 employees. Together, along with the sales force and customer service representatives, we make sure that customers’ orders are shipped correctly and on time. Our distribution center ships over 2,500 orders each day to customers in the southeast region of the United States. We supply large national labs like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, government agencies like the Center for Disease Control, and hospitals and universities. We distribute a wide variety of products ranging from Fisher Scientific chemicals to gloves to refrigerated media to thousands of other items.”

Craig, Operations

Craig's Story

“I am responsible for leading cross-functional and multidisciplinary improvement projects for Thermo Fisher Scientific around the globe. I collaborate with many sectors of the business and learn something new every day. My primary focus is to identify energy efficiency projects at different Thermo Fisher work sites to reduce energy usage and waste. Some of my projects include optimizing the amount of dry ice in our cold chain shipments, implementing energy efficiency upgrades at various sites, and guiding sites to limit their waste output. For every package we ship with less waste, the company saves money, the customers receive and throw away less waste, and our shareholders benefit. By improving the way we conduct our own operations, we are ‘walking the walk.”

Carla, Project Management

Carla's Story

“I provide infrastructure services for our Microsoft Windows & Non-Windows Operating Systems, including design, specifications, procurement, building and maintenance. The Infrastructure mainly runs in a virtual environment on VMware. My duties include Windows OS (operational system) patching, troubleshooting Virtual server and connectivity issues. Essentially, I cover anything related to a Windows server and all Servers in the Virtual Environment. I also manage the company’s group file shares from the shared storage in the North American Data Center. My position helps ensure that the company’s global servers keep running, and if there is a problem, I troubleshoot and correct that problem. When necessary, I will coordinate the various vendors who can assist in correcting the problem.”

James, Information Technology

James' Story

“I help our customers obtain high quality, reliable data for their liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) proteomics applications. Proteomics plays a vital role in drug discovery, diagnostics and molecular medicine. Researchers at universities, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals use proteomics to study proteins in cellular communication, biochemical processes and defending the body against disease.”

Katie, Field Services

Katie's Story

“I supervise several teams within the Customer Service Department in the BioProduction Division. We are responsible for supporting customers with custom designs of our bioprocess containers. Customers use our containers to mix and store liquids and powders to create drugs for medical treatment or grow cells for research. Our containers can be ordered off-the-shelf in a variety of sizes. We also work with customers to create customized containers in order to meet their needs. I manage the sales support team who handle the day-to-day customer orders, the contract review project specialists who handle custom design projects, and the technical support group who field and respond to any technical questions about our bioprocess containers. We come through for our customers and meet their requests in a timely and polite manner.”

Kristina, Customer Service

Kristina's Story

“I am an R&D Scientist leading a team that develops tools and technologies for stem cell based innovations. My team has the ability to create stem cells from adult tissue—a revolutionary “reprogramming” technology that can be used to create patient-specific stem cells for drug screening and discovery, for cell therapy and for stem-cell replacement applications. I love chasing big dreams and working with dedicated and talented people who influence the path of science and inspire the next generation of scientists.”

Uma, Scientist

Uma's Story

“I provide human resources support for my coworkers, directors, managers, and supervisors. The Microbiology Division in Lenexa, Kansas has four facilities and over 585 employees. I support our manufacturing operations including production, engineering, maintenance and facilities, R&D and product performance. I provide HR solutions support and process knowledge, advice, and consultation to assigned client groups. I coach functional leadership in client groups on issues including applications of HR policies and processes. I consult with the business unit and functional leaders in areas such as organizational assessment, succession planning, organizational structure and workforce planning in order to strengthen overall organizational capability. By hiring the right people and finding new ways to motivate our employees, I help increase our business performance and continuously improve our processes.”

Andrea, Human Resources

Andreas' Story

“I am responsible for leading HR1; Thermo Fisher’s Human Resources (HR) Shared Services delivery channel for employees in the United States and Canada. HR1 provides a “one-stop” center for all Employee inquiries that include employee transactions, answering employees questions and concerns, and leave of absences with the end result of stellar customer service. We support more than 200+ HR representatives in the U.S. and Canada and work hand-in-hand with the Center of Excellence teams such as Corporate Benefits, Talent Management and Payroll. The HR1 team follows all of the principles set forth by the company’s Customer Allegiance program and our priority is to provide stellar customer service. The HR specialists strive to continuously improve the customer experience and increase our Customer Allegiance Score (CAS). We follow up on every poor survey to ensure that customers have their answer. We use these experiences to drive continual improvement company wide.”

Terry, Human Resources

Terry's Story

“As one of three members of the Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporate Social Media team, I manage the company’s social media accounts and track Thermo Fisher brand “buzz” across all web-based media outlets. I am also privileged to lead the company’s blogging strategy. Our blogs are full of rich scientific content that requires diligent oversight. My manager calls what my team and I do 'marketing R&D.'”

Sarah, Communications

Sarah's Story

“My role is to provide external marketing exposure for our Informatics solutions and products and reinforce our role as a leader in the market. Public Relations plays a key role in this type of marketing effort. I help the customer take away an understanding of our strengths in the market and communicate that we understand our customer’s business challenges and have the solutions to meet their needs. Their challenges can include regulatory compliance, improved lab efficiencies or greater integration of the lab to other parts of the business. I publish articles about industry challenges across all of our core industries. When our customers and prospects read our articles, they know we understand their business and are more likely to view us as real partners in their businesses.”

Patty, Marketing

Patty's Story

“I am the finance leader for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Liquid Handling business unit with full responsibility for financial reporting and forecasting, annual budgeting, as well as strategic planning. I work with our Supply Chain, Commercial & Marketing, and Operations to make sure we have the right products stocked and proactively make capital investments to increase our capacity to meet customer demand. Our products span academic, biopharma and diagnostic customers. These are the researchers, lab technicians, and scientists producing the scientific breakthroughs that change the world we live in. The products we make and our ability to provide constant, high quality consumables timely to our customers allows this research to continue.”

Jessica, Finance/Economics

Jessica's Story

“I write software and firmware and develop the cameras and imagers our customers use to understand and explore the world around them. Our products are used in spectroscopy, the treatment of cancer, nuclear inspection, and applications in space. I work with both internal and external customers to integrate our products and technology into their applications. As a software developer, this ranges from providing example programs showing how to achieve certain functionality to developing custom solutions to match individual needs. We have developed a number of radiation tolerant cameras over the years for the purpose of nuclear inspection. Some of our customers have employed this technology in their Radiation Therapy products. One of our imagers, the CID821 is currently being evaluated for a number of purposes including space flight, beam profiling, and use in an ICP OES instrument.”

Judd, Engineering

Judd's Story

“I work in chemistry research and development with Thermo Fisher Scientific. I develop materials and methods for protein separations using liquid chromatography with applications in top-down proteomics and biopharmaceutical development. Mass spectrometry analysis (MS) of proteins is of significant importance to biopharmaceutical development, cancer research, and basic biology. The separation of mixtures, sometimes 1000’s of species, into their individual components simplifies MS analysis allowing scientists to more accurately identify and characterize individual proteins. The columns I have developed during my tenure help make this task possible, advancing the customer’s understanding of their application and thus enabling them to make new discoveries or create new products. The products and methods co-workers and I develop are used to enhance the fields of medicine and the human proteome. This enables the advancement of healthcare through the development of safer and more effective medicines.”

Shane, Research & Development

Shane's Story

“As a Business Analyst on the IT team within CAD Portable Analytical Instruments, my role primarily involves defining and prioritizing product and customer requirements, forming and designing a vision, and working closely with the developers, engineers, product management, and other functions to deliver ground breaking cloud-based connectivity and remote management functionality to our portable analytical instruments through integrated web services and a web portal. By bringing to market a smart, connected product offering, where IT services are integrated with our portable analytical instruments, we provide customers with advanced support capabilities, improved visibility and control, and added value.”

Annie, Business Management

Annie's Story

“As a Regulatory Analyst, I'm responsible for the registration of our medical devices in South Korea and ensuring they comply with all government and regional regulation requirements. When a medical device enters the diagnostics market in South Korea, several authorities are involved to inspect its safety and efficacy. During this process, I need to be well-versed on the background and characteristics of the product. For example, the product’s label, manual and electronic components need to comply with the country’s specific requirements, and the clinical efficacy needs to be declared based on clinical trial data. Because the diagnostic and medical markets are directly related to public health and welfare, the safety and efficacy requirements are much stricter than those for products for the research field. Ensuring compliance with the respective standards and codes not only protects our company, it protects our customers and the end users who may benefit from the device.”

Se-A (Nicole), Regulatory

Nicole's Story

“I facilitate business development opportunities for the Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Division (CMD). My efforts are primarily focused on our liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) instruments, which our customers use for chemical analysis in a variety of applications such as basic research on health and disease, new drug development, crime scene analysis and environmental pollution. I manage and set up collaborations with key research partners, negotiating technology license agreements and mapping out our intellectual property strategy to align our R&D and patent work. I also work with other companies, often small technology companies that develop hardware or software, to identify opportunities to either resell their software through a licensing agreement or bundle their products with ours. For example, if a company has a software program that can be used with one of our LC/MS instruments, it would be advantageous for our customers to purchase them simultaneously through one source. Both the software company and Thermo Fisher benefit in these situations.”

Clay, Corporate Strategy & Development

Clay's Story

“My main responsibility is working with the commercial organization and the business units within the Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Division to ensure we are in good product position and have a vital and healthy pipeline for the Gas Chromatography (GC) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GS-MS) products. Our key customers and the markets we serve are predominantly in academic research, environmental, food & beverage and forensics. We help scientists with workflow solutions and provide them the tools to get answers to some of the most difficult questions, such as, what caused this product to fail? Are the fruits and vegetables we’re eating safe to consume and free of contaminates? What is the aquatic toxicity of our rivers? I work one-on-one or in group settings with the chromatography representatives and teach them competitive and strategic selling techniques. It’s all about driving product awareness, competing, winning, and taking care of the customer.”

Lori, Marketing

Lori's Story

“I came to Thermo Fisher having just graduated from the University from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I began the Product Development Leadership Program (PDLP). The program helped me smoothly transition from academia into a business environment, and I gained a lot of technical knowledge from the start as my manager pushed me to try new things right away. I worked outside of my department and was able to see how the technical innovations I was helping to make were translated directly into value for our customers. The PDLP teamed me with a mentor, a Senior Mechanical Engineer. This mentorship program advanced my career and allowed me to develop business acumen and leadership skills. Through these mentorships, I was able to move into a new position in manufacturing. Now, as a manufacturing engineer I am helping to make sure customers are getting exactly what they ordered in an efficient and reliable way.”

Taylor, New Grad (Development Program)

Taylor's Story

“The Healthcare Market Division partners with Thermo Scientific and external suppliers to provide products and consultative support to clinical laboratories through our customer channel, Fisher HealthCare. As a Product Manager within our Marketing Department, I have the privilege of managing our Specialty and Rapid Diagnostics portfolio.  I have three customers: our end users (indirect contact, but very important), manufacturer supplier partners, and our sales team. I consider end users customers because it is my job to help source new and relevant tests to ensure Fisher HealthCare is providing the highest quality and most relevant products. A typical day varies, but I spend time negotiating with suppliers to grant us access to sell their product(s), then we provide support and training to our sales team. Together, we work to empower our sales team with the knowledge they need to close the sale, enabling clinicians to provide patients with high quality results they can have confidence in. Once a product is within my portfolio, I have complete responsibility which includes, but is not limited to, partnering with our supply chain to monitor inventory levels and providing product updates where applicable.”

Anna, Product Management

Anna's Story

“Our site manufactures a variety of refrigerated products that help customers safely store laboratory samples and materials. I ensure the quality of the oils used in our systems and inspect for contaminants in the components used to build them. I make a difference in the quality of the products and as a member of the Green Team that is working toward ZERO landfill by the end of 2015, I am helping to make the world a cleaner place to live.”

Norma, Quality

Norma's Story

“I provide bioinformatics and software support for development of new Next Generation Sequencing instruments and applications. Computational modeling and bioinformatics analysis is the crucial part of modern sequencing technologies.  On a daily basis I am working on improving accuracy and efficiency of sequencing and bioinformatics software for products being developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific. I work on R&D projects. We are anticipating customer needs and expectations based on surveys as market research.  In our R&D work we are trying to exceed these expectations. Being in a large group working on advanced R&D, I am always surrounded by talented and passionate people. I engage in close and productive interaction between engineers, molecular biologists, software and bioinformatics developers helps to quickly generate and implement innovative ideas with a real world impact. ”

Vadim, Bioinformatics

Vadim's Story

“I am an R&D Scientist responsible for developing AmpliSeq DNA panels that will enable researchers to selectively sequencing genomic targets for genetic studies and diagnostics. The platform we develop transformed genetic researches for cancer and other genetic disorders. Our customers are researchers from national research centers, medical laboratories and academic labs in universities. We closely work with them in understanding their needs and goals and develop high quality panels to drive their researches. Our teams work would directly contribute to Thermo Fisher Scientific to lead in serving research, life sciences, diagnostics and applied markets and ultimately improve human health. The work we do enables researchers to discover novel mutations that can cause diseases like cancer and enable laboratories to test patient sample and identify the cause quickly. This in turn can help with personalized medicine and treatment.”

Mani, Bioinformatics

Mani's Story

“As a “Flex Team” Scientist, I brainstorm, test, and implement continuous improvement ideas on every process I am involved in. My job is essentially to change the processes I am working on to achieve some gain for our company (cycle time reduction, raw material savings, etc.). Any change I make can impact the customer and the products they are developing. It is absolutely necessary to perform an in-depth analysis of the before and after to ensure the process change did not affect final product quality. Ideally, customers would not notice any difference in the product after my process improvement has been implemented. It is my job to ensure this is the case, every time. Many of the projects I work on result in reduction in raw materials usage and/or waste produced. It reduces the size of the carbon footprint for the raw materials they use. If we use less chemicals and product less waste, our product can help move our customers towards this goal.”

Joseph, Scientist

Joseph's Story

“As the Senior Finance Manager, I am responsible for all aspects of financial operations for our business unit. Our business operates bio banking repositories and enables customers working in Cellular Therapy, drug development, and R&D. My team works to ensure we have the right investments and competitive pricing in place our customers have come to expect so that they can focus on their science and leave the logistics to us. My team and I are empowered to bring our analytical insights and guide and shape the decisions that ultimate impact our global customers.”

Shaun, Finance/Economics

Shaun's Story

“I am a member of a small team in the Corporate Global Business Services; we are a group of highly specialized real estate professional that provide Safe, Secure and Healthy working environments to all of Thermo Fisher’s employees worldwide. We ensure efficient utilization of our 21.5 million square feet of Real Estate assets in 450 locations. We are responsible for negotiating lease acquisitions and disposals, purchasing new facilities, designing and construction new buildings, disposing of surplus buildings in all the geographies we do business. By providing safe, effective, energy efficient and cost competitive work environments we enable our company to better compete in the global market and help our customers. The work we do is extremely rewarding, we see tangible results every day.”

Spruile, Real Estate & Facilities

Spruile's Story

“I have been working in the genetic analysis industry for the past 18 years.  For the last 10.5 years, I have been working in the NGS field with the last 3.5 years on the Ion Torrent technology.  I am currently a technical lead on a new system being developed. As a technical lead, I am responsible for managing the R&D development of the system, including engineering, software, and molecular biology.  My background is mechanical engineering, but I have become more systems oriented over my career. The systems engineering role allows me to be involved in the entire program, where there is a constant opportunity to be exposed to new areas of interest. Working in the NGS field is both intellectually stimulating due to the vast array of technology required, but it is also satisfying to work on products that in the end are helping people, whether in the clinic or just pure discovery.”

Mark, Engineering

Mark's Story

“I am interning in a group that provides specialized sequencing solutions to a unique set of customers. We design and test gene panels that are used in medical research and diagnostics. Our work helps healthcare professionals to create unique treatment plans for individual patients and to prevent disease by detecting inherited conditions early on. We test the effectiveness of our gene panels and technology on a daily basis, by running samples with specific traits on our Proton and PGM sequencing machines. The base knowledge I learned in school definitely was critical to me being able to jump into my work in the group. The first month was a lot of training, but the help of my lab team and their constant availability to answer my questions helped me to feel comfortable in the lab very quickly.The big picture is key to the work we do every day, as it shows how the practical application of scientific concepts can change the face of medical treatment in the coming decades.”

Erin, Internship & Apprenticeship

Erin's Story

“As the corporate Facilities Manager, I am responsible for operating and maintaining the corporate offices. I make sure that the facilities are safe and efficient and the employees have a safe and comfortable environment to work in. I perform and manage preventive maintenance on building equipment as well as staying current with all permits and inspections (fire & life safety devices, boilers, etc). I manage facilities request from all corporate employees including our executives and CLT. By keeping the offices running, I help employees work quickly and efficiently.”

Thomas, Real Estate & Facilities

Thomas' Story

“I provide executive administrative support to the Sr. VP of Strategy and Corporate Development and Company Leadership Team member. My day is filled with coordinating his schedule to maximize his efficiency, fielding requests for his time, ensuring documentation for meetings is delivered in a timely fashion, and generally being a gate-keeper for this executive. I also support our Corporate Development and Strategy Team members, providing guidance and assistance and coordinating their schedules and interactions with Senior Management. Our Executive Administrative Team works in a collaborative effort to ensure the Company Leadership Team maximizes their daily schedules to efficiently run the organization.”

Liz, Administrative Services

Liz's Story

“I provide legal, business and transactional counsel to the Biosciences Division (BID). In this role, I, along with team of three attorneys, provide comprehensive legal support to the business units comprising BID. We work closely with functional partners on in-licensing, out-licensing, commercial agreements, collaborations, strategic partnerships and alliances, as well as providing general legal counsel to the businesses we support. Our paramount goals are to protect the company, mitigate legal risk, and enable good business, both in agreements we work on and more generally as trusted advisers to our internal clients.”

Ruben, Legal & Compliance

Ruben's Story

“As an IT Business Analyst, I work with stakeholders on the business side and the technology side to translate business needs into technical solutions. In IT, our customer is the business. So the current project I’m working on is eCommerce focused - taking current Thermo Fisher and LSG products and enabling them to be sold on the web. There are a lot of technical details and considerations behind something that sounds so simple. The work that I’m doing will enable Thermo Fisher customers to purchase products directly from the web, which will make their lives easier, by simplifying where they go to purchase Thermo Fisher products. I t’s really all about teamwork. We each have different strengths and our project manager recognizes that, and allocates us accordingly.”

Hannah, Information Technology

Hannah's Story

“As a Corporate Strategy intern with the Strategy and Corporate Development team, I help the company focus on strategic planning from a holistic perspective. Some of my key responsibilities include: understanding and executing market intelligence activities; participating in and executing special projects on growth, productivity, and corporate processes; supporting the M&A process including due diligence and post-merger integration; and supporting the development of materials and assisting with the framing and flow of presentations for the company leadership team, board of directors, and division presidents. I’ve learned a lot about the complexity of a large consolidated organization and the importance of integration planning and implementation.”

Thomas, Internship & Apprenticeship

Thomas' Story

“I work as part of the Corporate Development team responsible for the development and execution of inorganic growth strategies for the company. This includes analysis of industry dynamics and competitive landscape with a focus on expanding capabilities to meet customer needs. Our team is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We partner with individuals across divisions and geographies to promote outcomes which are beneficial for our customers and the overall company.”

Greg, Corporate Strategy & Development

Greg's Story

“I develop algorithms for biotechnology data analysis that model instrumentation effects, chemistry and molecular biology reactions using statistical modeling, machine learning, signal and image processing techniques. I typically start with exploratory data analysis to develop insights about the problem. I often prototype my solutions in MATLAB and then deliver final analysis modules that integrate into customer facing software in JAVA. Our software is deployed on the AWS cloud and our engineers constantly get to use the large variety of AWS services in their development. We are encouraged to attend trainings and conferences to keep up with the latest technology trends. We have the occasional hack-a-thon sessions to engage in creative fast-paced coding, solving cool problems in a group settings, where we both accomplish much and learn much in a short span of time. Beyond being a software engineer, I often liaise between the Engineering, Biochemistry, Business and Legal teams to drive seamless integrations. I advise with patent and FTO evaluations. And part of my role is also to assist the business drive product adoption by participating in trainings, meet customers to gather technical feedback and prepare customer facing technical materials to mitigate product related questions.”

Nivedita, Software Development

Nivedita's Story

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